Debt-collection solutions of European Credit Control

  • Cross-border debt-collection

    With cross-border debt-collection you are confronted with the complexity of laws and regulations within the country your debtor resides in. Add to that the language barrier and cultural differences and getting your money can than seem a daunting and time-consuming task. The rules concerning amicable debt-collection or the legal procedures..
  • Domestic debt-collection

    As we only get our fees paid if the debt is paid, it is in our best interest to collect as swiftly as possible using the most effective domestic debt-collection methods available. We assess each and every debt submitted in great detail before deciding what course of action we will take.
  • Credit Management

    The Credit Management function incorporates all of a company’s activities aimed at ensuring that customers pay their invoices within the defined payment terms and conditions. Effective Credit Management serves to prevent late payment or non-payment. Getting it right reinforces the company’s financial or liquidity position, making it a critical component..
  • Secondment and Outsourcing

    At European Credit Control we offer our clients support with their credit management. Even before a debt-collection phase. To help you we second specialized professionals that will take over the tedious work of chasing unpaid invoices. You can also leave everything regarding credit management to us by handing over the..
  • Legal assitance

    In our modern society we are more and more confronted with legal matters and an increasing amount of laws and regulations, whether you are a private person or a company. In England and Wales, European Credit Control offers companies and consumers the legal assistance they need tailored to their situation...
  • European Credit Control handles our complete credit management. Very open and direct communication. Their support helps us to avoid debt-collection cases. For every company small or big i would recommend European Credit Control.

    Nico van der Zaan - Owner, Social Elephant BV

  • European Credit Control handles all our invoicing and credit management. Very satisfying. Our customers pay on time which gives us more cashflow, more time and saves money. Our customer contacts are better and we can focus on what we are good at: creating video content that make our customers happy. They also supported us in two legal matter at court which were done with great succes! They are to the point, fast and effective. Very satisfied.

    Patrick Don - Owner, Briteminds Media BV

  • European Credit Control has handled the collection abroad since 2011 to our full satisfaction. She cashing for us mainly within the EU but also in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. ECC uses a system in which we can monitor all our receivables irrespective of the country of the debtor. This gives clarity in the handling. Where necessary, they use the abridged European procedures when it appears necessary to enforce the claim in court. Because these steps are taken in the country of the debtor, a great deal of money is saved. The rates for legal support are very favorable and tailored. We are happy with their service.

    Tom van den Hurk - Credit Manager EMEA & amp; APAC

  • Since June 2016, ECC manages the debt collection of our receivables. We send the reminders and reminders ourselves. If payment is still not forthcoming, we transfer the claim to European Credit Control. We are very satisfied with their service. The lines are very short and we respond quickly and clearly to our questions and e-mails. In addition, 95% of the items handed over are still collected and we even receive some interest and expense reimbursement. And if this amicable collection does not work then they also take care of the legal proceedings to the court. In short, a nice and good debt collection agency that is pleasant to do business and that provides the collection in a correct and neat manner.
    Fred van der Bruggen - Finance